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 Aoi Nagisa Tenjou

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Aoi Nagisa Tenjou
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PostSubject: Aoi Nagisa Tenjou   Mon Oct 13, 2008 12:37 am

Aoi is a sweet and kindhearted girl who is kind of timid... but also outgoing. She used to be at the top of her world and seemed to have life in her grasp but then it all fell apart. When Aoi was 4 her parents divorced and left to separate parts of the country... she was taken with her mom and her dad left... but she's too little to remember anything else but the divorce... 2 years later her mom was diagnosed with a serious case of cancer and was left to die.. (age 6). Growing up alone without anyone to raise her she decided to go live with her father... but he had gotten into a car accident and a fatal wound to his head killed him. (age 7.) Now left to live on her own... she doesn't what's going on and what to do and she's only 12... though she has a secret... shes got unusual powers. She doesn't know where or how she got them from but she doesn't even know she had them at first... but with time the idea will manifest itself. She was then given a sword by her mother's will and treasures it but never really uses it. She's not the one for a fight. Aoi still has a lot to learn but she is a determined person and won't give up. She has a goal to become a peacemaker and stop people from fighting all the time but will it work out?

-- one of her siblings was taken by her father (older brother) and was never heard from again.. is he still alive?? 0.0
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PostSubject: Re: Aoi Nagisa Tenjou   Mon Feb 16, 2009 2:28 am

mystery O.o that's amazing!
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Aoi Nagisa Tenjou
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