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 Night time walk

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muerte fuego
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PostSubject: Night time walk   Thu Oct 23, 2008 12:57 am

*Muerte walked through the park, The moon only half full. The few stars visible tonight where a welcomed site to her. She stared upward not really paying any attention to what was infront of her. Walking the same old path as always. When she got a specific divide she left the footpath and went into a small open area surrounded by trees. Completely hideing the grove. She took a deep breath* This will do good enough.
*Muerte put her backpack down by a tree. She stood at one end and marked a spot with her eyes to focus. She began her stance training. She delighted in the night time. The silence and peaceful solitude that came with the darkness gave her a feeling of safety. She continued her training only doing her stances for an hour.* Good refresher. hehe. *Muerte smiled and lay down after grabing her backpack, just stareing at the sky and listening to the night time noises. She used her backpack as a pillow.*
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Night time walk
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