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 Jones Beach

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PostSubject: Jones Beach   Thu Dec 29, 2011 11:49 pm

Well, I was in the water at 4:10am, the east-end of Field #6 at Jones Beach State Park, on Long Island. Let's just say it was a L-O-N-G, five-and-a-half-hours of hard hunting, with very little to write about. Myself and another fella arrived at 4am, then the flood gates opened around 530am. I counted at least 14-machines on the beach and in the water by 7am. The herd went west toward Field #2 (which is the smart thing to do as more people use the western beaches), so I peeled off and swung east. Low tide hit at 5am, and by 8am, the waves were dangerous with a riptide coming in, so I went feet dry.

Found my first pair of sunglasses, two new #4 lead weights, a dollar bill floating in the surf, house keys, half a fishing lure, a nickel, some pennies and a quarter.. Yeah, I'm a pirate - LOL! So I gridded the sand for almost another hour and came up with some more clad, an unused still packaged condom, a metal spring, some bobbypins, bottlecaps, pulltabs.. and a nice morning at the beach.

I think the beach gods want me to appreciate my first ring, because they are making me WORK for it!
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Jones Beach
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