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 Leon Duga, Sniper

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Leon Duga
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PostSubject: Leon Duga, Sniper   Wed Oct 08, 2008 4:06 am

Name:Leon Duga


Occupation: Mechanic, Shadowy side jobs, Ex Australian SAS solder

Special Traits:Pieces of magical jewelery, 8 rings, 2 bracelets, a necklace and a chain the hangs off his belt, always has the necklace and bracelets on as well as atleast one ring. a New addition is a coin he always carries in his pocket, is has a Dragon stamped on one side and a Sword on the other

Sexual Preference: Complicated

Race: Human, half Greek, half Aussie, Demi god of elements


City:New York

Notable possessions: -Shelbi mustang GT-500, duel nos injectors
-2x Glock 17, AP HE WF 9mm rounds, extended clip, laser sight, Screw on suppressor
-GEPARD M6,Heavy self loading rifle with extreme high accuracy (caliber : 14.5 mm Russian ), AP HE WF rounds
-Grenades: Smoke, teargas, HE, EMP, Fragmentation, WF, (all Thrown and Launcher version) Launcher
-C4, detonators, Wires needed to set the Explosive
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Leon Duga, Sniper
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